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Tell Us Your Business Travel Frustrations

As part of our new marketing campaign, Chorus Call Australia has been soliciting Business Travel Horror Stories. In exchange for taking our quick 5 photo survey and submitting a story, takers are entered into our drawing for the New iPad 2 .

If YOU have a travel story you’d like to share, or would like to enter our random iPad 2 drawing, please visit: – Hurry, contest ends 12 April! We have been receiving some excellent stories so far, below is one of our favourites.

Submitted Story:

I had to travel from Melbourne to facilitate a training program in Wollongong on one day and another in Sydney the following day. Thank goodness I decided to catch a flight from Melbourne early on the day before. What should have been a four hour trip, at most, turned into a seven hour saga of traffic jams, delayed flights, missed transport connections at the other end and the loss of my car booking because I hadn’t been able to contact the car hire company while I was in transit to advise of the delays.

The following evening I had to drive from Wollongong to Sydney. Most of the trip was fine, until I got to within four kms of my destination. That final stretch took almost two hours as the traffic was at a standstill, for no apparent reason! On line training and conference calls will always be my first preference from now on!

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