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AutoCast is a hassle-free service. Simply send us your list of contacts and the message you want to send with the scheduled date and time. We’ll do the rest! You will receive a detailed post-campaign report that details when your message was delivered, who received it and how they responded.

number validataion

An additional service to your assisted conference calls. Pass all your invited participants through our system and they will receive a call to confirm their details.

emergency broadcast

When a critical situation arises, key personnel need to be informed ASAP. Use AutoCast to send out important emergency announcements to large numbers of people.

Surveys, voting and polling

Send mobile surveys or ask your recipients to vote on an issue. This interactive feature allows different actions to be triggered based on your recipients’ responses.

company updates

Easily send company announcements without having to schedule a formal meeting. Perfect for timely updates such as company news, sales team updates, or staff announcements.

blast messaging

Reach out to your community, conduct a survey or send important announcements with blast messaging. All contacts are verified against the Do Not Call Register.

mailing list

Send mass SMS or phone messages to your subscribers and keep them up to date on the latest deals, flash sales, or important customer communications.

hassle free

AutoCast is a managed service. Just send us all the details & we’ll do the rest

complete reporting

Receive a post-campaign report with detailed analytics

fast delivery

Our system has the capability to send up to 240 messages per second

conditional calling

Trigger different scenarios based on the response of your recipients

pay as you go

Only pay for your usage, with no hidden fees or lock-in contracts

secure data storage

All information is kept onshore in Australian data centres

  • Emergency Services: When a disaster strikes, send a call out to paramedics, medical staff and volunteers to get all hands on deck as soon as possible.
  • Appointment Reminders: Send a reminder to clients and customers asking them to confirm their scheduled appointments and receive a YES or NO response.
  • Mobile Surveys: ask your recipients to respond to interactive surveys via SMS or pre-recorded voice. Ask an unlimited amount of questions and receive an unlimited amount of responses.
  • Debt Collections: automate your collections process with pre-scheduled payment reminders.
  • Update your details: keep your database updated quickly and easily by asking your recipients to confirm their contact details.
  • Mobile Marketing: send marketing SMS messages to your subscribers to instantly notify them of sales, promotions and special offers.*

*Chorus Call does not allow any unsolicited marketing/promotional messages to be sent from our system. All numbers are verified against the Do Not Call Register to ensure that marketing-related campaigns comply with industry regulations. Contacts on the register will not receive your campaign and must be opted in to receive marketing from your organisation.

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