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Virtual Events

Virtual Events suited for all types of company announcements

Whatever unique needs you may have, we can customise our digital events to provide a solution that suits you.

Higher attendance and more engaging events

Why should location interfere with your attendance? From our experience, virtual events have a greater audience and higher engagement by making your event more accessible and with more intuitive ways to engage. Live streaming removes any geographical boundaries, allows you to enter a digital queue for questions so every voice can be heard, digital voting with live results and on-demand streaming for digital playback.

Perfect for when you cannot have everyone physically attend the presentation or event.

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View Q&A

Manage your Q&A and view all parties on your call.
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Sound & Equipment Check

New equipment?
Schedule a test before your event.

Digital Playback

Make your conference available for replay via dial-in.

Large Port Capacity

Contact us for a quote with your expected party numbers.
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Our Investor Relations services are custom-built to meet your conference needs

We offer the most comprehensive portfolio in Investor Relations. From AGMs to investor briefings, we are the preferred provider of ASX listed companies. Our operations are Australian-based, delivering the highest quality product in conferencing.

Perfect for: annual meetings, AGMs, ASX announcements, presentations, result briefings and more.

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Diamond Pass

Pre-register and get instant access with Diamond Pass.
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Voting & Polling Support

Host voting/polling sessions or conduct surveys.


Prepare, ask questions and confirm any last-minute changes before your event.

On-Shore Data Storage

Your data and recordings are stored securely via the Cloud.

Take your event to the next level with webcasting

We have developed our feature-rich platform, which we have been delivering webcasts globally for over 15 years; partner with the leaders in the webcasting business today to bring you the best possible experience.

Perfect for annual general meetings, ASX announcements, award functions, press conference, investor relation conferences, result briefings, product launches, presentations, staff training, education and more.

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We show our NPS score to prove our commitment to customer service

We regularly ask our customers for feedback on their virtual events, so we can continuously improve our service. This is how we've achieved an industry-leading NPS score.

We show our NPS score to prove our commitment to customer service

We regularly ask our customers for feedback on their virtual events, so we can continuously improve our service. This is how we've achieved an industry-leading NPS score.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a virtual event and a webcast?

A virtual event is a large-scale operator-assisted conference call. Participants can dial-in via the conference centre or get instant access via Diamond Pass.

A webcast is optional with a virtual event if you’re wanting to accompany it with a presentation. If you don’t need the conference call component, you can opt for a webcast only event.

What should I expect in the lead up to my event?

The day before the event, we will contact you to ensure we have all the correct information in case there have been any last minute changes. If your event has a webcast component, we will also remind you to send the slides in preparation.

What should I expect on the day of the event?

Dial in on one of the speaker numbers listed at least 15 minutes before your event. The lead operator will then conduct a brief audio test, confirm the welcome script (if requested) and Q&A session. The lead operator will notify the speaker when the conference will be going live before they are introduced into the conference. If you have a webcast component, we suggest logging in to the control booth at least 30 minutes prior.

Will post-call reporting be available?

Yes – our event pricing includes a full participant list (i.e. full name, company and/or city) and MP3 recording. Transcription and playback is also available for an additional cost.

Do you offer transcription services?

Yes – we have multiple turnaround times for our transcription services to choose from. We offer 3-hour, 12-hour, 24-hour and 48-hour transcription turnaround times. All prices are varied and subject to change. Please enquire for more info.

How long are webcasts archived for?

Webcasts are archived for 12-months by default. We can extend this timeframe for an additional cost.

How are Q&A sessions moderated?

The lead operator will moderate the Q&A session. They will announce the questioner’s full name and company in the queue and make their line live into the conference for the speaker to answer. If you want to see who’s in the queue, get View Q&A and rearrange the queue yourself!

How soon can I book an event in?

If you don’t need a webcast or a transcription under 12-hours, if you contact us during business hours we can have a conference organised for you in an hour! If you need a webcast, make to sure to have your slides ready and we can organise that for you in two hours.

When will I receive my booking confirmation?

From when you hit submit on the booking form to when you receive your confirmation email, we have a turnaround time of 1 hour for events without a webcast. For events with a webcast, we have a turnaround time of 2 hours.

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