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Diamond Pass


Include conference pre-registration and eliminate queue
time with Diamond Pass by Chorus Call

Diamond pass allows invited parties to pre-register for your event, rather than calling our conference center to connect.
Pre-registration works in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Send your customised conference call invitations to your participants and ask them to register with Diamond Pass.

Step 2

Your invitees pre-register the conference call online and receive calendar invites with conference call details, Webcast links (if applicable) and unique access PINs.

Step 3

Registered participants dial in to the conference with their unique PINs and join immediately.

Want to know more?
View Live Demo to see how Diamond Pass can make your investor calls easier.

Diamond Pass by Chorus Call is an in-house, market-leading system that allows participants to pre-register for audio conference events and instantly access the event through their unique PIN. Diamond Pass is FREE for all Investor Relations calls and ensures accurate attendance records,
greater data collection and superior post-event reporting.

Diamond Pass Snapshot

Premium features designed for your Investor Relations calls

Instant Join to Conference

No waiting for an operator to answer and connect your guests

Simple and secure registration

Participants easily pre-register for your conference via your unique registration link.

Customised calendar invites

Seamlessly integrate your brand with customisable calendar invites

Accurate registrants details

Participants enter their own details to guarantee accurate information.

pre-registered questions

Plan your Q&A sessions with the ability to capture pre-registered questions.

Improved participant data collection

Include up to 13 fields on your customised conference registration form.

SMS notifications

Push event reminders and alerts to your participants via SMS (optional.)

Full registration control

Manually add, remove and activate participants. Close registration at the time of your choice.

Automatic notifications

Instantly alert your participants of any event changes or cancellations.