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The Virtual Show Must Go On. Get 20% off Your First Event with Us*

We are the preferred conferencing provider for top ASX listed companies

Greater attendance and more engaging events

Why should location interfere with your attendance? From our experience, virtual events have greater attendance and higher engagement by making your event more accessible and with more intuitive ways to engage. Live streaming removes any geographical boundaries, allows you to enter a digital queue for questions so every voice can be heard, digital voting with live results and on-demand streaming for digital playback.

Perfect for when you cannot have everyone physically attend the presentation or event.

Virtual Events

Diamond Pass

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On-Shore Data Storage

Your data and recordings are stored securely via Cloud

Digital Playback

Make your conference available for replay via dial-in

Large Port Capacity

Contact us for a quote with your expected party numbers.
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Sound & Equipment Check

New equipment?
Schedule a sound test before your event


Prepare, ask questions and confirm any last-minute changes before your event

View Q&A

Manage your Q&A and view all parties on your call
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Voting & Polling Support

Host voting/polling sessions or conduct surveys

Managed events make your presentations more professional

You can connect multiple sites all into a single stream for your live audience to view. Speakers present, as they would do normally, the speakers could be from multiple locations or even in different countries. Your participants can see and hear the presentation through an online stream. All parties can vote, ask a question and participate in the call unless otherwise specified (e.g. no media).

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Limited Time Offer Get 20% Off Your First Virtual Event With Us.*

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