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Real‑time Video Chat for Virtual Expo

Bridging the gap between buyer and seller

You can still meet your customers face to face with instantaneous real-time connections. You no longer have to schedule a call to have a meeting and potentially lose your prospects' interest. With a click of a button, your customers can connect with your sales team or representative in a matter of seconds keeping their interests and question fresh in that moment.

Present & Share

Desktop, application, document & media sharing capabilities

No scheduling required

Just one click to connect, no downloads required for clients or agents for instant connections


Provide customer location details with geographical metadata


EncryptedWeb Real-Time Communication via your web browser

No Software Downloads

Connect with anyone, anywhere, on any device using HTML5 and WebRTC technologies

Secure Connection

Provide peace of mind with an encrypted connection and secure file transfer and document sharing

Keep the personal touch

With more virtual events taking place than ever before, why lose the ability to talk to a salesperson instantly? The Video Contact Centre is a web-based solution built with dynamic WebRTC technologies. WebRTC is a method of securely communicating through voice, data, or video using your Web Browser. Virtually replicate in-person interactions with live video calls and build meaningful connections with your client.

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Why should time or location interfere with your ability to connect?

Broadcast via the internet. Webcasts are a cost-effective way to reach your audience; with a live stream, you can interact and engage by collecting a poll and showing results live during the webcast. An on-demand webcast you can pre-record your sales pitch and let your prospects view it in their own time, and they can still interact by taking a survey online. Users can submit questions or download additional content.

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Bring everyone together

To effectively communicate with your prospects is more critical than ever—conference in confidence with reliable and easy to use technology. Easily share information and ensure that your message is understood regardless of the location.

The best way to describe what we do is to show you.

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Every event is unique; that’s why we tailor the experience based on your requirements. The best way to describe what we do is to show you!

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