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Virtual events give you the power to connect with your employee’s through a Town Hall, with Investors through a Market Update, or with your clients for product launches and important service updates. Whether you need to communicate within Australia or across the Globe, via audio, video, or to present timely content whilst gaining live feedback from your virtual audience, we have the right solution for you.

Your personalised virtual event can be as simple as an operator managed conference call with live Q&A, or a production-quality video webcast with slides, delivered right from the comfort of your own home on your webcam enabled laptop.

Virtual Events laptop

Location is no longer an issue when everyone is now working online, your audience is ready and waiting for your communication. From our experience, virtual events have greater attendance and higher engagement whilst making your event more accessible. Live streaming removes any geographical boundaries, allows your audience to enter a digital queue for questions so every voice can be heard, digital voting with live results and on-demand streaming for digital playback.

Virtual events have become a part of our everyday lives and the chances are being that you have been part of a live virtual event today and didn’t even know it. Taking part in a video conference, watching a live news report, or even streaming your favourite series on Netflix is a digital event. This technology has integrated seamlessly into our everyday lives and we can utilise it for your virtual event.

Types of Virtual Events

A virtual event can consist of many different elements to build the ideal event for your needs. A few examples of different types of events we deliver daily:

  • Live video with content sharing

    This can be a full production from one speaker in one location or have multiple speakers in multiple locations. Question box to gain feedback from your virtual audience

  • Audio with content sharing

    Whilst on the phone share your presentation to your live audience via a webcast. This can incorporate phone participants as well as online viewers. Both parties can ask questions via the phone or by submitting their questions. Online viewers can also download extra content as required.

  • Poll or survey with live results during the event

    You can digitally push questions to your live audience for them to answer during your event and collect data which you can share with your audience onscreen

  • Live question and answer

    This feature can be added into any of our events where participants can ask a question online via a webcast or from the managed event conference call.

  • On-Demand

    All methods of Virtual Events can be made available for on-demand streaming post-event. For educational purposes, you can create a series of content that is on-demand only and accessible to a restricted audience

Virtual events are perfect for:

  • Department Updates
  • Town Halls
  • Product Launches
  • Investor Relations Results Briefings
  • Virtual AGMs
  • Service Updates

Talk to one of our specialists about how you can now utilise this technology for your next event.

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Whatever unique needs your organisation may have, we’re certain that we can provide a solution that fits.