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Chorus Call is a sister company to Compunetix where the whole journey began for Dr Giorgio Coraluppi. Founded in 1968 Compunetix develops multimedia multi-point telecommunications systems for audio conferencing and video conferencing. Compunetix now has over one million ports in more than 30 countries, making it the industry’s largest worldwide deployer of teleconferencing systems.

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Audio Conference Bridge Technology

In 1987, Compunetix won a contract to deliver a digital voice switching system for NASA. At the time NASA Goddard was using an analog system with manual switching of cables to connect people. Compunetix developed a new digital system for voice switching and voice distribution to integrate into the NASA infrastructure. By allowing software-enabled switching, and eliminating the need for manual switching.

In 1992 Compunetix installed a new 4,000 port system into NASA which then went on to replace the previous voice system. This technology is what went on to build the commercial Compunetix bridge hardware used globally today by almost every major conference call provider. In 2020 the Space Foundation inducted this technology into the Space Technology Hall of Fame.

Audio Conference Bridge Technology Inductees



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