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10 for 10, 1500 Votes and counting!

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Wow. We have had such a great response to our 10 for 10 NFP giveaway, it has blown us away. Just over a week in and more than 1500 votes recorded! What a great result!

All our nominated NFP’s have been using Facebook, Twitter as well as their websites to encourage their followers to vote. Great work everyone! Without giving too much away, Create Foundation got off to a fast start, but Spinal Cure Australia has had a very strong week and are narrowing the lead every day. Meals on Wheels has won several days of voting and PCYC is getting steady results, but will have to up the vote rate if they are to stay in contention.

We have had such as strong response it is making us think we might have to do this every year. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to contribute to these, or other, great not-for-profits every year!? The other thing we are thinking is that we may need to find a way to reward all our vote getters for their efforts. Stay tuned…

So. 19 days to go, let run through our great NFP’s again:

  • Create Foundation: Do you know they have been with us for almost 10 years! Thanks so much Create, and we love the work you do with kids in need.
  • Meals on Wheels: What a great organisation doing such valuable work for over 50 years now! More than just a meal, indeed.
  • PCYC: Everyone knows these guys, they provide safe, supervised fun for the whole community. A great Australian institution that continues to make a valuable contribution to local communities around the country.
  • Spinal Cure Australia: This is such a noble cause with the aim to stop spinal injuries from being a life sentence. Going since 1994 they have raised millions to fund this valuable research.


So as we say, vote and vote often to make sure your favourite Not For Profit gets our valuable prize pack.

Remember you can vote once per email address, per day and TWICE on the weekends!

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