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Chorus Call Australia 10 for 10, CREATE Foundation on board!

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CREATE creating a better life for kids in Care.


Our third NFP on board for the Chorus Call 10 for 10 giveaway is CREATE. This is a great organization that have been with Chorus Call for many years. We are proud to have them as a customer. The NFP receiving the most votes will receive our prize pack including $5000 cash, free audio conferencing ($5000) as well as video conferencing equipment as well as installation and support.


A vote for CREATE is a vote that shows you care about the 39,000 kids in care sleeping away from their families tonight through no fault of their own. CREATE Foundation improves the lives of kids with a care experience (foster, kinship and residential). CREATE seeks to reduce the isolation that they feel when they enter the care system alone, afraid and seeking love from strangers. These children need your support to enable them to reach their full potential.

Another very worthy cause. Voting opens December 1st. You can vote up to once a day right through to December 31st. Our deserving NFP will be announced in mid January. Remember to vote, and vote often.

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