10 for 10 One Week gone. Have you voted today?

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Greetings Everyone,

Chorus Call Australia’s #10for10 voting for NFPs celebration has been going for a entire week! We are very excited by people’s passion to support Not-For-Profit organisations’ charity work. NFPs have received more than 1000 votes so far! It is becoming a really close contest and Every Vote makes a difference.

These NFP organisations up for the $10,000+ Prize Pack are:

We need everyone’s help to spread the word and keep the votes coming in! Here are some simple tips to help these NFPs WIN:

  • Use Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…
  • Add our vote page LINK to your company’s website (an images link or a webpage would be better)
  • Forward our 10 for 10 email to your friends, colleagues, even your bosses
  • Add our vote page LINK to your email signatures so every time you send out your email, you will have another chance for a vote
  • Tell your sister organisations throughout Australia & the world! Every vote counts, regardless of location.
  • Remember, every one can vote twice on Saturdays and twice on Sundays! Thats up to 4 votes per person on the weekends; which can really change the game!

The winning prize pack is $5,000 cash, $5,000 free teleconferencing, 1 LifeSize Unity 50 Video System ($4,000), and
ClearSea licenses for 12 months. ($2,000). Every of your vote makes difference! Spread the work and show you care!