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100% Uptime During Floods

By 01/02/2011 No Comments

Last week we talked about the devastating impact of the floods in Queensland. This week we wanted to expand on our ability to maintain our services during this once in a generation disaster. As a dedicated supplier of conferencing services we have the ability to take services from multiple telecommunications carriers. Currently we have 4 that provide for our telecommunications needs. This gives us unprecedented redundancy. Big telecommunication carriers have just their own telecommunication services for their conferencing. As we have seen with recent events carriers do have outages. To leave all your eggs in one basket is a huge risk.

We also have in place UPS and backup generators to ensure continuation of electrical service. As a last, and complete back up, we have bridges around the country and around the world, in other Chorus Call offices, capable of handling our traffic if we needed to shut our Brisbane services down. All of this careful planning has ensured our Qld customers had access to their services when they needed them most, and our customers around the country were not disrupted. While we all wish these floods never happened we are happy that when our systems were pushed we were able to maintain a 100% uptime.

We are encouraging staff, suppliers and customers to get on board to help communities in Qld recover from these devastating floods. –