Recently I was talking to one of our clients across the ditch in Christchurch New Zealand, her name is Elizabeth and she quite graphically conveyed the horror of the earthquake in Christchurch, last February. Of course Japan’s experience was even worse, but Elizabeth described the terror of being in their office, first, flooring underneath them moving, objects falling, brains scrambling trying to remember the training they had received and what to do.

Outside the roads were bubbling, cars driving, buildings moving, shaking and debris falling with all of this happening in a short real period of time but our minds seem to slow motion these events for reasons not known to me. Their small and very beautiful city was being attacked and as someone once quoted, “mother nature does not know right or wrong, only balance and imbalance”

It is now 45 days since the tragedy and as the rest of the world moves on our friends across the ‘ditch’ continue to deal with issues following the quake like insurance damage and payouts, parts of the city remain unsafe and around 10% of housing has been either destroyed by the quake or will be by hand as many properties are unsafe.

We at Chorus Call have developed a product specifically to assist business communicate during these times of disaster and other stress tests with the launch imminent and the product being more than useful.

Check our website – its launching very soon!