For over 2 years now Chorus Call Australia and Video Conferencing Australia have been engaged with LifeSize by selling their equipment in the Australian market. Over that time we have built significant expertise with all our sales people (save one recalcitrant) achieving sales expert and having multiple certified technical experts across Australia.   On the volume front we are undoubtably one of, if not the most effective, and prolific supplier of the LifeSize product in Australia and New Zealand.

Over that time we have come to appreciate the quality and focus of the LifeSize product set. The LifeSize mid market offering is excellent. The Icon 600 series code has an unrivalled user interface using a spectacularly low bandwidth, while achieving HD video conferencing. Add to this a price point that is 70% of its nearest competition and you have a winner. Contributing to LifeSize’s mid market strength in Australia is Chorus Call’s ability to offer a unique solution of a hosted mobility, ClearSea, and a virtual bridge solution, on a monthly subscription basis instead of asking mid tier organisations to take on their own infrastructure.

Next week we will go into the benefits and massive savings an organisation can achieve by moving to a cloud or hosted video conferencing solution but for now the key message is that if you are looking for a 2-5 site solution that is cost effective, with great user experience, with simple and effective hosted add-ons of mobility and bridging, contact Chorus Call Australia or Video Conferencing Australia for a solution that can’t be offered anywhere else in the market.