We have just finished helping a customer implement videoconferencing in their business. They came to us looking to utilise videoconferencing for a project they were working on with their partners in another country. As they were working on a bid, and not certain of getting the business, they were looking for a cost effective solution, that would allow them to meet face to face and present plans and documents across the conference connection on a regular and ad hoc basis. Most importantly, they wanted the solution in place within 2 weeks.

We immediately met with them at their premises and surveyed their facilities. Discussions on the strengths and weaknesses of their particular setup and the best possible solutions were open and honest. It was decided that hiring a Full High Definition Lifesize Videoconference unit for a long term, was suitable to their business financial model.

We quickly agreed on the suitable system and price and were able to source and install the unit within 2 business days. Testing onsite with the customer, they were very happy with the High Definition Videoconference link using their existing business grade internet connection to multiple test sites, as well as to their partner organisation overseas. A surge in interest in Videoconferencing is leading to a large uptake of the technology. We look forward to helping other clients embrace videoconferencing as a time and cost effective way of doing business.

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