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Communicating during a natural disaster

By 01/03/2011 No Comments

Recently I met with one of our Chorus Call Australia clients after the flood events in Brisbane whose entire 8 Floor building was not able to be accessed by staff for in excess of a week.

So how did they continue business throughout this natural disaster? They used Chorus Call Australia Teleconferencing services to communicate with staff nationally and internationally several times daily to keep their business operating even though they had no physical access to each other.

The client was full of praise in being able to access Chorus Call Australia’s services as their main telecommunications provider, one of Australia’s largest Telecommunications providers, had substantial congestion issues, therefore our client was not able to communicate with their staff effectively.

So what lesson can we take from the above experience?

Australia’s largest telecommunications companies rely solely on their own networks to provide services to their clients. If their networks go down or suffer congestions issues, how does that affect you and your business?

The benefit of dealing with an organisation such as Chorus Call Australia is that we utilize several different carriers to supply services to our clients to ensure there is no impact on their ability to carry on with business on a day to day basis.