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Did you know we are Lifesize Silver Partners?

By 23/07/2015 No Comments

Good news! Chorus Call Australia, Chorus Call New Zealand, Video Conferencing Australia and Video Conferencing New Zealand and have been Lifesize’s premium Silver Partners for a solid 4 years!


What does this mean?

This means we are leading industry video conferencing resellers and distributors who have extensive experience and knowledge in the video conferencing and collaboration market. Thesis recognition by Lifesize of our skill, experience and investment in the industry over the last 4 years.  We would like to thank Lifesize for the recognition and the positive partnership over the last few years.  

What does this mean for our customers?

  • – More competitive price offering in the market
  • – Equipment trial (proof of concept): it can be arranged to ship to your premises across Australia and New Zealand
  • – Local fully trained and certified engineers available for on-site support
  • – Our experienced and acknowledgeable staff always ready to assist
  • – Online support ticket lodgement HERE or call us on 1800 98 88 98 in Australia and 0800 453 630 in New Zealand