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Economic Impact to your Business using High Definition Video Conferencing

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In today’s economic climate, businesses want real tangible justification when looking to invest in communications technology. Most organizations know that video conferencing solutions can help reduce travel and labour costs, increase productivity and collaboration while decreasing environmental impact. But the question remains – What is the real financial outcome?

Here at Chorus Call Australia we make companies and people successful in their job on a daily basis by advising how technology can be successful in their business by taking on technology today.

So what does economic impact mean to your business?

By this I mean, calculating the ( Return On Investment ) ROI that companies can realize when investing in technology. This takes into account cost v benefit over time, % return on investment and payback return to name a few things. As you are aware, the hardest thing to measure or predict as a business are the soft benefits. By this  I mean, the productivity benefits and being able to adjust the focus of your organization to using technology. In addition to this, the hard dollar costs, dollars invested and saved on goods and services purchased or acquired.

Customer Benefits of implementing HD Video Conferencing to your business:

  • High quality definition without needing in most cases to invest in more bandwidth
  • Usability, manageability, reliability
  • Improved productivity – more employees working rather than travelling equates to less people needed on the payroll
  • Sales teams more coordinated as they will communicate more
  • Lower cost of operations
  • Reduced travel = major cost savings and productivity increases while doing your bit for the environment
  • Reduction in carbon emissions
  • Improved field selling capabilities
  • More efficient and improved working experiences ( projects, training, Learning & development etc)
  • Typical payback period 12 -14 months – imagine what you can do with that extra cash in the bank ?? Have a think about it
  • Great ROI – especially when you are needing to get more productive, increase communication, decrease costs and drive bottom line performance

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