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Industrial Disease

By 16/11/2011 No Comments

“Now warning lights are flashing down at Quality Control
Somebody threw a spanner, they threw him in the hole
There’s rumors in the loading bay and anger in the town
Somebody blew the whistle and the walls came down”

Courtesy of Dire Straits – Industrial Disease

The Global Financial Crisis continues to keep people scared and controlled with superannuation diving, house prices falling, commodity prices rising.

We have Carbon Tax, water tax, soon it will be fresh air tax and yet people are working and companies are making profits in spite of increased share market fluctuations.

Australia’s Big Four Banks have all registered ‘record profits’ BHP, the largest corporate profit in this country’s history.  So with these fantastic results Australia’s economy continues to bubble along with low unemployment and medium level interest rates.

So the media paint a picture of a train wreck when all things considered, Australia is traveling well and punching above its weight.

So there are proven tools required to convey the success achieved by these organisations including;

  • Managed teleconferencing with Questions and Answers
  • Live & archived video/audio streaming

Much planning and effort by the corporate world, AV engineers and companies like Chorus Call Australia ensure the events are run smoothly and the message is clear.

This enables analysts and shareholders to make better informed decisions after viewing theses multi-media presentations.

Chorus Call Australia is very proud to be part of these events and we understand the sustained effort to get it right and to ensure that we protect our client’s brand.

Your brand is our brand!