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Investor Relations Feb 2015 Conclusion

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The end of the February IR season has come. We, once again, had a record number of events and through our regular IR season survey have received great feedback from our valued customers. With over 98% of the feedback satisfied or above, we are marking this as our best season yet! We did receive some very constructive feedback on our confirmation emails and will be working on a new format that we will be launching before the next IR season in August.

Our new Operations Manager, Anita Green had her first IR season and while she has seen them before, managing them is a different story. Anita jumped straight into the role and has done a fantastic job. Training new people, scheduling, liaising with customers – it was like she had been managing it for years. Well done Anita!

This past season also saw us commission our IR bridge in New Zealand. We now have infrastructure, global dial in numbers and all the support technology to manage calls for the New Zealand market in New Zealand. We believe this makes us unique in the NZ market and look forward to expanding our presence in the land of the long white cloud.

The IR season sees everyone at Chorus Call focus on this season to the expense of all the other important things they are working on. Through busy and long days, the team environment and focus on customer outcomes is an amazing experience. It has been great to get together and review the survey outcomes and have it validate everyone’s hard work. Well done team.


We are proud to announce our new dedicated Investor Relations Teleconferencing services website:

This is recognition of the fact that providing this service takes a focused and unique set of skills, not simply an add on to day to day teleconferencing services. We are proud to be the #1 IR conferencing service provider in Australia and New Zealand

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Thanks again to all our customers for their continued loyalty and we look forward to an even bigger and better IR season in August.

-The Chorus Call Team