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Onward and Upward

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For over 10 years now Chorus Call Australia has been focused on providing a high quality service experience at a reasonable price. Internally we have a saying in relation to giving a customer what they need: “Whatever It Takes!” A great example of this is recently we had an urgent room hire in New York. The irrepressible Tanith Gordon stayed up all night phoning venues, arranging quotes and organising testing with the venues to ensure the customer outcome was the best it could be. The results were fantastic. Smooth event, happy customer and to our delight a fantastic testimonial from the client attesting to all the hard work put in by Tanith. Great Work Tanith, and thank so much to Colin of CTS for his kind words.

We have always encouraged feedback through surveys or new customer feedback forms etc. This is a valuable source of information on what we are doing right and how we can improve our service. We have decided to launch our testimonials page to share our positive feedback with all of our clients and friends. We are very proud of the service we offer at Chorus Call and encourage anyone with good, or not so good, feedback to let us know.