With the sudden cancellation of all Qantas domestic and international flights business will wake up on Monday morning with big logistical problems. Will staff be able to get to the planned meetings? What about the staff away for the weekend or holidays? Will any of our products be delayed? Is there any part of our logistics that is dependent upon Qantas?

This type of disruption is akin to the SARS issue faced in the early 2000’s. Business scrambled for video conferencing services, remote office space and voice conferencing accounts to manage the fallout. A day and a half in we are already experiencing a significant jump in conferencing activity.

How a company adjusts and deals with this type of type of disruption can win or lose customers and long term revenue. The obvious is Virgin. They will get access to clients that have never used their service and have a chance to prove to them that they have a good offering. Less obvious are manufacturers who can provide product while international imports are delayed or cancelled. Whatever the product or service, communication within your company with key decision makers is key.

This is an opportunity for many to differentiate themselves in the market, don’t miss out.

…Should Have Had a Chorus Call.