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Queensland is changing

By 21/04/2011 No Comments

South East Queensland is changing in many ways as the world globalises and migration of all types and reasons continue to occur.

Recently I was at a meeting with another Chorus Call employee held in a Queensland government office, there were four people in attendance, all have chosen to live and work in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs and yet the origins of all in attendance was as disparate as could be.

One from South Africa, another New Zealand and another from Wales in the UK while I, the writer of this blog was born in the bush in Victoria.

Many years ago the US opened its doors to migration and became a ‘super power ‘delivering the world’s first ‘Melting Pot’ of peoples. This trend continues today in many places and enables the wider community to celebrate diversity.

As the community grows and choice becomes more wide and varied, competitiveness and innovation coupled with high service levels become more important and this is what we are working to achieve at Chorus Call Australia, Brisbane based, office in Sydney and a Queensland company.

If you need a Chorus Call you should now know where to come!