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Smelling the roses…

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Hey, Everybody
Won’t You Just Look Around
Can’t Anybody See
Just What’s Going Down
Can’t You Take The Time
Just To Feel
Just To Feel What Is Real

It Better End Soon
Robert Lamm-Terry Kath (1969)

The above lyrics are from a band called Chicago back in 1969 and it was a song related to the Vietnam War and regarded as a song from the ‘protest era’.

Music is an extraordinary way of getting messages across and many songs stay indelibly etched into our mind.

In this awesome modern world it is often very difficult to ‘smell the roses’ as our everyday lives consume so much of our time and new technology demands continuous change and upskilling so we must search for ways of saving time and money and yet remain effective.

Teleconferencing, a mature product is one of those ways because it can save you valuable family and business time along with keeping business costs down.

Taxi queues, airport queues, traffic jams and other delays can negatively impact our quality of life so next time, when looking at flying to a meeting, consider other alternatives like a teleconference. No queues, no delays and very low cost.

Have a Chorus Call, have dinner with your family and take back YOUR time!