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Welcome to 2012

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First of all I wanted to thank everyone for a great 2011. It was a great year with much accomplished and many new developments in the market. Similarly, it has been a great start to 2012 with lots going on in the Australian conferencing market. The first thing I wanted to talk about was the Federal Government Telehealth incentive. This is a fantastic idea put forward by the Federal government to give incentive to regional and rural based medical and aged care practitioners to adopt video conferencing. The first year incentive form the government is over $6000, dropping to around $4000 in July 2012. Chorus Call has developed a product specifically designed for this market. By marrying a LifeSize HD, PTZ Passport unit to a battery powered Ergotron Styleview cart Chorus call is offering a complete package at not much over $7000. These mobile carts are specifically designed for the hospital or aged care environment. They boast 2 hour fully rechargeable battery pack, an anti microbial coating and ergonomic height adjustment. We already have talked about how good the LifeSize units are. Designed specifically for IP HD conferencing these units are quickly catching on at the expense of Polycom and Cisco.

The response has been tremendous. Practitioners are really happy that a finished bundle can be delivered and supported with payment terms that allow for very little out of pocket expense. We have seen some of the packages out there and are a shocked as our customers. We currently have a couple of demonstration carts we are lending to people to have a look at.

Give us a call if you are interested. If you want more information email us or give us a call on 1800 98 88 98.